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Am I A Gothic Beauty?


Name: Holly
Age: 21
Location: Alabama,usa
Sexuality: Bisexual
Star sign: Libra


...TYPES OF MUSIC: heavy metal,darkwave,synth pop,techno,hard rock,rockabilly,ebm,oldies

Ozzy Osbourne,Kittie,Porcelain and the Tramps,Alice in Chains,Smashing Pumpkins,Joy Division,Depeche Mode,Scarlet Grey,AFI,Blaqk Audio,Ms.Kittin,Poe,Placebo,Cradle of Filth,The Dresden Dolls,Angel Spit,Bauhaus,Stray Cats,Tiger Army,Type O Negative,Danzig,Megadeth,Jack Off Jill,Leaves Eyes,Flogging Molly,Bob Segar,Buddy Holly,Lamb of God,GWAR,The Birthday Massacre.

...SONGS: Scarlet Grey~ She's Liquor; Bauhaus~Kick In The Eye; The Dresden Dolls~Coin Operated Boy; Stray Cats~ Stray Cat Strut; Joy Division~ Love Will Tear Us Apart; Bob Segar~ Rock N Roll; Tiger Army~ Forever Fades Away.

...FOODS: Alfredo pasta dishes,Calamiri,Mushrooms (cooked all sorts of ways),Bruschetta.

...DRINKS (alcoholic or non): Pepsi with strawberries or strawberry flavoring added to it,Vitamin Water,Coffee.

...TV SHOWS: Armywives,Desperate Housewives,Roseanne,House,Criss Angel: Mindfreak, $40-Dollars-A-Day,Boy Meets World,Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers,Mystery Diagnosis, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, NICU.

...MOVIES: Nosferatu, Beauty and the Beast, Interview with the Vampire,Queen of the Damned,Mary Shelley's Frankenstein,The Devil Wears Prada,Julie & Julia,Marvin's Room,Romeo & Juliet,Letters to Juliet,Hocus Pocus,Cry-Baby,Grease,Phantom of the Opera,The Little Mermaid.

...HOBBIES: Reading,writing,occult & paranormal studies,medical science.

...BOOKS: I love Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and her Erotica Sleeping Beauty Trilogy,Edgar Allan Poe's works,Anything by Shakespeare,H.P. Lovecraft's fiction,J.R.R. Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings,The Story of O, Sigmund Freud's Interpretation of Dreams,Mark Z. Danielwski The House of Leaves, The Future Homemakers of America by Laurie Grahm,J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter.

...COLOURS: Baby pink,hot pink,black and white.

*Personal Info*

- Do you have any phobias/extreme fears? Coulrophobic & Arachnophobic

- Do you plan for the future, or are you spur-of-the-moment? Having Plans is always a must for me.As of now I am going to school to be an OB/GYN, I am attempting to persume my writing career and get my name out there.

- Are you studying for anything (and if so what/if not, its ok ^_~) I'm studying the medical field to be an OB/GYN.

- Do you have any fetishes (and no, we don’t mean “I love shoes”)? I have an extreme military fetish but that is about it..

- Are you spiritual/religious? I am a curious individual All religions fascinate me and I do not believe there is just *ONE* religion that will save your soul.


- Abortion: I am for abortions depending on the situation if a rape had occurred and the victim ended up with child then yes. But never for these immature irresponsible kids running around and throwing themselves at boys and getting knocked up in highschool.

- Suicide: No, I think it is selfish and cowardly.

- Stereotypes: This reminds me of highschool where it is expected to happen when you are kids. What's the point really?

- Inter racial relationships: I'm cool with it.

- Drugs, alcohol and smoking: I drink and I have friends who smoke and use drugs. Not offended and not affected

- Poseurs: I don't like people who pretend to be something they aren't..I mean whatever happened to being an individual and walking to the beat of your own drum?

- Labels: If you can't buy it in a supermarket why put a label on it? Labels are for food and other products..Not people.

- Same-sex marriages: YES!


- What makes you a gothic beauty?: I find beauty in even the most darkest ways,Breaking the mainstream image of how a "goth" is suppose to look and act. It's not all "Woe is me" and "Gothier Than Thou" The subculture embraces many forms of goth types I'd say I am a mixture.

- Confess something (doesn’t have to be major): I like some pop music like Katy Perry & Britney Spears.

- Do you think you will be accepted? No clue, but I'll never know unless I try.


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